Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Author Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos: On Writing a Memoir

Aloha Everyone, and Mahalo for joining us today at Sisters in Crime/Hawaii.

Today’s guest author is one of our newest members to Sisters in Crime/Hawaii, Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos. Welcome, to SinC/Hawaii, Jenny and thank you for participating in today’s interview. First, won’t you please share a bit about yourself? 

Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos:
Thank you. I live in the McCully area, near the Hawaii Convention Center. Technically, I grew up in Ewa Beach and went to James Campbell High School. I’m married to my husband Pancho Delos Santos, and I have two adult children from a previous marriage. 

I work at Honolulu Star-Advertiser as an editorial assistant for the newsroom, and I have been there for the past 13 years. My responsibilities include writing On the Move, Business Calendar, Get Involved Calendar, Ship Arrivals and Hawaii Mutuals on a daily basis as well as the obituaries (once a week), payroll (for 120 newsroom employees) when in need and other office duties. 

Sisters in Crime/Hawaii:
You have written a story about an important time in your life. When did you decide to write a Memoir, and why? 

Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos:
My decision to write a Memoir came from many people encouraging me to write a book about my life since they knew I went through a great lot. I became more focused in writing a book when I was told that I couldn’t become a news reporter because I haven’t published anything for the past 10 years. As a result, I thought that I would write my own books, especially since I was fond of reading and writing.
My intentions to write a Memoir is to give people, who went through domestic abuse or a traumatic experience, “hope” and “dreams” knowing that if I can go through all that I went through…they also can turn around their lives and become successful in their own way.  

I also want people to know that not everyone abuses the Department of Human Services system, which offers benefits such as food stamps, medical and financial help to the needy, disabled and homeless. Many people end up under dire circumstances, because something traumatic happened in their life, and they just need help to get back on their feet.  

Sisters in Crime/Hawaii:
Why did you decide to join Sisters in Crime/Hawaii? 

Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos: 
By joining a group of writers (such as Sisters in Crime Hawaii), meant that I could be part of a support group, consisting of people who loved to read and write. I remember going to a Sisters in Crime meeting in Kapolei last November, and I was so determined to attend it for the first time. However, I had no idea where Kapolei Library was, and I knew it would take me two hours by bus to reach the destination where the meeting was held. When I finally got to the library, I was in complete awe when I was heartily welcomed by members from the Sisters in Crime Hawaii. Imagine…I finally got to meet real writers, who published numerous books.  

Sisters in Crime/Hawaii:
Where would you most like to live to do your writing? 

Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos:
Hawaii is my first choice to live at while I write books. I like the thought of being surrounded by family, friends and relatives, but at the same time being somewhat secluded for a couple of months as I write. Like, stay at a beautiful resort or a legal vacation rental that has many amenities on the grounds so that I may be able to take time out to rest my weary body after writing for hours and hours. 

Thank you so much for taking time to visit today, Jenny. Best of Success with your writing.
Readers can learn more about Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos and visit her at these Web sites: 

Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Jenny Delos Santos@duhaylonsod60 



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