Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Author Interview with Children's Book Writer Gloria Andrada

Author Gloria Andrada
Today’s guest and member of Sisters in Crime/Hawai’i,  Gloria Andrada, is the author of the children’s picture book, Stanley’s Bummer Bus Ride. Thank you for taking time to visit, Gloria, and to give us a look at your new book. First, please tell us a little about yourself. 

GLORIA ANDRADA: Thank you. I was born and raised in a small town called Waipahu, on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. My parents were immigrants from the Philippines. My father was hired to work as a heavy equipment operator for the O’ahu Sugar Plantation. My world of haul cane trucks, sugar cane and plantation took a major turn at age 7 when I spotted a book called, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in a bookstore in Honolulu.  


SISTERS IN CRIME/HAWAI’I: When did you decide to write a children’s book? 

GLORIA ANDRADA: It took a while to decide, because I wanted to write about my paranormal experiences and share the pictures. I won two Storytelling contests in Moiliili when Glen Grant was hosting those. In fact he asked to tell my story and show the pictures. I won, and one of the prizes was one of his Chicken Skin books. He autographed it and it inspired me to reach a goal like writing a book someday. 

What convinced me was a lady named Terri Madden, who’s a director, actress and owner of Play Builders. When I auditioned for a part in the play Wahiawa: Remembah Wen…,I used the Stanley story, but it was a rough form of the book. She told me it was a good story, what I needed was a good illustrator to bring it to life. That became a two-year journey for Stanley to be in book form. 

Stanley is the kid in all of us. He goes and spends a day with his friends and has an experience, and how he handles the situation without depending on a parent is amazing. I wanted a book that the kids in Hawaii could relate to, with words and places they knew, and where they could meet a real, live author who would encourage them to read, get out in Nature and have an adventure.

Stanley's Bummer Bus Ride
Gloria Andrada

SISTERS IN CRIME/HAWAI’I: Where did the name Stanley come from?
GLORIA ANDRADA: The name Stanley came from my favorite comic book writer, Stan Lee. He wrote about super heroes, like Spiderman. And he is in his 90’s now and is very active. 

The name Stanley in the Urban Dictionary describes him as a sweet, cute and funny guy. He takes care of his friends and is talented at whatever he does. He’s independent and a good friend to have. It’s good to look up your name and see if you’re living up to your name. 


SISTERS IN CRIME/HAWAI’I: What is the age range of readers for your published book? 

GLORIA ANDRADA: The age range of readers is 5-12 years old. It seems their parents enjoy the book as well and experience a deeper meaning to what is not written down but is felt. Gotta read the book. 


SISTERS IN CRIME/HAWAI’I: How are you marketing the book?

GLORIA ANDRADA: This is my first, self published book, and what I’m doing is reading in the schools and libraries and getting my name known. So far some the schools and libraries are carrying my book. Kids approach me and tell me I’m the author of Stanley. They have a conversation with me. I think I have a following. Adults approach me and ask it they could be in the next book. I hope I inspired some of the kids to become writers.

Thank you for sharing your interesting writing experiences with us, Gloria. We look forward to seeing your book in print. Best of success to you in a long and glorious career.
Please visit Gloria's website for more information about the author and her writing, and learn how to purchase her book, Stanley's Bummer Bus Ride, for all the children in your life!


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